How do I send my instruments?
We advise packaging your instruments securely so that instruments are not damaged during transportation. Please do not forget to fill out the order form. Please list out your instruments, what services you need for the instruments, shipping address, billing address (if different), and payment information. If you do not feel comfortable writing down your payment information on the Order Form, we will call you to get payment information when we are ready. Please note if instructions are not included in the special instructions section, we will serve your instruments as is.

What material do you use for the tips?
We use High Quality U.S. 440A Stainless Steel!

What is the best and cheapest way to send your instruments?
Please use the USPS Priority Standard Box. For less than 30 instruments, you can use the USPS Priority Mail small size flat rate box ($7.90) For over 30 instruments, please use the USPS Priority Mail Medium size flat rate box ($14.95). You can Request Shipping Label from us and we will email it to you. You will be billed for the shipping cost along with your order.

You are more than welcome to ship on your own as well.

Do I need to open an account before sending instruments?
We will set up your account as soon as we receive your order form.

What do I do if I am not sure whether to sharpen or retip my instruments?
We will verify based on the conditions of your instruments. When not specified, we will retip according to handle imprint.

Can I change to a different tip?
Yes, we can re-tip your instruments according to your requests. Please provide this information on the Order Form. When not specified, we will retip according to handle imprint.

How long does it take to have my instruments sharpened/retipped?
The day we receive your package, we do our best to ensure that your instruments are serviced and ready to be shipped out within two business days. We ship through USPS Priority, which takes about 2-3 business days to deliver once shipped. If you are in need of faster delivery, we can ship through expedited shipping, but you will be responsible for the additional shipping cost. Please note we are not responsible for carrier delays as a result of weather, traffic, and other issues.

How does payment work?
We prefer to apply your payment before shipping out your order. If you do not want to fill out the payment information on the Order Form, we will call you to get payment information when we are ready. We accept VISA, MC, AMEX, and DISCOVER. We also accept check or cash.

Can you handle instruments that have been serviced by someone else?
Please confirm with the company you received service from beforehand if this is possible, as we are not liable for instruments’ conditions post-service if you do not verify.

I sent in instruments, but they broke during use because of your servicing. Can I get a refund?
As a professional dental instrument servicing company, we pride ourselves on technique and method for re-tipping/sharpening and understand how important a properly serviced instrument can be.  Please note how serious of an accusation this is and understand cannot offer an immediate refund or compensated re-service unless we are provided all of the right evidence indicating the tip and/or service was at fault. This includes but is not limited to: the broken portion of the tip, the instrument user in question and their handling process at time of malfunction, comparison photos of the broken tip instrument to an intact tip instrument for legitimacy, documentation/details of the broken tip instrument’s lifespan, manufactured date and company, prior servicing.