*Due to wear and tear and possible breakage during use, please be mindful of sending instruments serviced by different companies and confirm beforehand if they are serviceable by others. We are not held liable for the instrument condition post-service if this notice is ignored.*

* Sharpening dental instruments
* Retipping dental instruments
* All services have a turn around time of within 2 business days
* New instruments design and order
* In house manufacturing
* We use High Quality U.S. 440A Stainless Steel!

If you need to send some instruments for repair, please print and fill out our Order Form, Request a Shipping label, and we will send you a shipping label (USPS Priority Mail) as soon as possible. You will be billed for using our shipping label or you may ship on your own.

Request Shipping Label

Please fill out the form and we will email you a shipping label.

    How Many Instruments?Less than 30Over 30Over 65

    Are you a?New CustomerCurrent Customer

    Order Process

    Print & Fill Out the Order Form

    • Please print & fill out the The Order Form including the list of instruments, what service you need (i.e., retipping, sharpening, etc.), shipping and billing information, and payment information.
    • You can also provide any special instructions to your order, and we’ll try our best to accommodate
    • Retipping: General Instruments $2.70 each end; $5.40 both ends
    • Sharpening: General Instruments $1.40 each end; $2.80 both ends
    • Orth Instruments: (Sharpening Pliers, Cutters) $6.50 each
    Price List

    Request Shipping Label

    • Request a shipping label and we will email it to you
    • Less than 30 instruments: use a USPS Priority Mail Small size flat rate box ($10.40)
    • Over 30 instruments: use a USPS Priority Mail Medium size flat rate box ($17.00)
    • You will be billed for the shipping cost along with your order
    • You may also ship your instruments using your own label

    Ship Your Instruments

    • Please pack your instruments securely in a USPS Priority Box to avoid damage during transportation. We are not responsible for instruments that are damaged during transportation.
    • Don’t forget to place your Order Form in the box
    • Once we receive the package, we will sharpen and retip your instruments within 2 business days
    Shipping & Handling

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    Sharpening & Retipping

    With over 40 years of experience, US Diamond Dental provides the best sharpening & retipping services. We know better than anyone else how important your time is when you have appointments lined up. We save you time by returning your dental instruments retipped and sharpened within just 2 business days.