Sharpening & Retipping

As a dentist or dental hygienist, you want to ensure that your instruments are sterilized, sharpened, and retipped. Over time, instruments wear out, and they need more attention than just cleaning and sterilizing. Regularly used instruments like scalers, curettes, and probes require maintenance and sharpening to perform well during dental procedures.

The effects of dull instruments

Often times, dental practices may not even realize how much they’re suffering due to dull instruments. The wear and tear on instruments can prevent dentists and dental hygienists from performing thoroughly and efficiently. When not sharpened properly, dull curettes and scalers are not able to remove the dental calculus thoroughly and dull luxating elevators are not able to penetrate through the periodontal ligaments properly. As a result, the dentist may begin to use excess force, which causes discomfort to the patient and fatigue to the dentist. There is also a serious risk of hand, wrist, and shoulder pain for the dentist.

Therefore, it is imperative that dental practices use sharpened instruments to improve performance, save time, reduce fatigue and provide a comfortable experience to patients. Sharpening dental instruments is very important to keep your work effective and safe at the dental office.

How to know your instruments are dull

There are two easy tests you can perform to determine if your dental instruments are dull and in need of sharpening.

  1. APPEARANCE TEST: Under a light source, take your instrument and rotate it until the edge is facing the light. A sharp edge does not reflect light and will have a matte appearance. However, a dull instrument will reflect light and have a shiny appearance.
  2. BITE TEST: Check the “bite” of the instrument. Take a plastic test stick and apply the cutting edge to the plastic stick. If the instrument seems to glide along the stick, it is dull. On the other hand, a sharp cutting edge will “bite” and produce a clicking sound.

We highly recommend that you plan ahead to make sure you are having your instruments sharpened for your appointments. Do not wait till the last minute to have your instruments sharpened all at once.

Are your instruments dull? Send your instruments to us and we will have your instruments serviced within 2 business days. At Us Diamond Dental, our focus has always been to provide high quality sharpening and retipping services at great prices and top-notch customer service. We are dedicated to excellence, continual research and development, and precise craftsmanship.

Order Process

Our Order Process is simple & quick!

Print & Fill Out the Order Form

  • Please print & fill out the The Order Form including the list of instruments, what service you need (i.e., retipping, sharpening, etc.), shipping and billing information, and payment information.
  • You can also provide any special instructions to your order, and we’ll try our best to accommodate.
Order Form
  • Retipping: General Instruments $2.70 each end; $5.40 both ends
  • Sharpening: General Instruments $1.40 each end; $2.80 both ends
  • Orth Instruments: (Sharpening Pliers, Cutters) $6.50 each

Request Shipping Label

  • Request a shipping label and we will email it to you
  • Less than 30 instruments: USPS Priority Mail Small size flat rate box ($10.40)
  • Over 70 instruments: USPS Priority Mail Medium size flat rate box ($17.05)
  • You will be billed for the shipping cost along with your order
  • You may also ship your instruments using your own label
  • Subject to change based on USPS price adjustment

Send Your Instruments

  • Once you receive your shipping label from us (or use your own), please ship your instruments.
  • Don’t forget to place your Order Form in the shipping box.
Shipping & Handling

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