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    Utility Scissors,7-1/2 Inch. Model: 107-03

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    Utility Scissors,7-1/2 Inch
    Model: 107-03
    the Mosquito Forceps, a compact and precision-crafted instrument designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of various medical procedures. Measuring at 3 3/4 inches with straight, serrated jaws, these forceps are an essential tool for clinicians requiring absolute precision and control in their work. Ideal for clamping, holding, and manipulating delicate tissues or small blood vessels, the Mosquito Forceps are a staple in both surgical and emergency settings.
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    Vivid Matheiu Needle Holder w/ Carbide Jaws. Model: 5001

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    Vivid Matheiu Needle Holder w/ Carbide Jaws
    Model: 5001
    Introducing the Vivid Matheiu Needle Holder with Carbide Jaws, a premier surgical instrument designed to meet the highest standards of performance and durability in dental and surgical procedures. Engineered for precision and control, this needle holder is an essential tool for professionals demanding the utmost in reliability and efficiency